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How Does Weight Loss Affect the Breasts?

Posted March 12, 2018 in Weight Loss Affect the Breasts

Dr. Ip Breast Lift PatientWhether you’ve just started or are close to completing your weight loss journey, you probably aren’t a stranger to the realization that your body dramatically changes as you shed weight—that’s the point, right? But many people only envision a lighter, fitter version of themselves at the end of the process. However, the truth is that the body experiences changes that you may not be ready for in the form of lax, excess skin. For women, these issues can impact the appearance of the breasts. An altered breast look and feel can leave you feeling dissatisfied with your most feminine characteristic. So how can you expect your breasts to change due to weight loss?

Decrease in Size

Your breasts are comprised, primarily, of fat, and larger breasts tend to have more of it. When you begin to lose weight by burning fat, a portion of it will come from the breasts. This results in a decrease in the size of your breasts. While the change may be slight for some women, you can potentially lose several cup sizes if you shed dramatic amounts of weight. This is good news for some women who experience pain due to overly large breasts, but for others, this may feel like they have lost a voluptuous appeal to their physique.

Laxity and Sagging

Having more breast fat doesn’t only make them large but also heavy. Prolonged weight in the breasts combined with gravity can weaken your tissue over time. While many women who are overweight have some degree of sagging, it can become more pronounced as you lose weight. Drooping breasts following weight loss can result in an unattractive appearance, as the breasts can lack shape and/or perkiness.

Poor Nipple-Areola Positioning

Sagging breasts often cause poor placement of the nipple-areola complex. In more severe cases of sagging, the nipples point down to the floor, with no visible breast showing below the areola.

Enhance Your Breasts

Unfortunately, you cannot prevent these changes from happening to your breasts. But luckily, there are procedures available that can restore a fuller and firmer breast appearance. Breast augmentation uses implants to increase the size and shape of your breasts. There are a variety of implant options that you can choose from to give you the breast look you want. Additionally, breast lift surgery addresses laxity and poor positioning of the nipple-areola complex. By positioning and supporting the tissue, we can restore firmness and youthfulness to your breasts.

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