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I have Have been going to Dr Ip now for a little over three years, I refer everyone I know to him I will never go anywhere else! the results have been amazing and last. I personally know three friends who have gone through multiple surgeries with him and they have been more than pleased with his work.Not only is he extremely educated and skilled, his practice is very comfortable, caring and professional I highly recommend him!

-Sheila K.
Costa Mesa, CA

Β I went into Dr. Ip for a breast augmentation about 2 and a half years ago. I couldnt have been happier with my experience. From the moment I made my appointment for a consultation until my last appointment with the doctor, it was a great experience. I was referred to Dr. Ip by a coworker who was also pleased with her experience. The receptionist was very welcoming. I was promptly greeted and taken back to an exam room. I was nervous at first but Dr. Ip made me feel comfortable and answered all of my questions with great detail. He let me know what would be best for my body in terms of size and i have to say I have never been happier. My breasts look natural and have settled so wonderfully. My breasts dont look fake and I have to say it is the best money I have ever spent. I have refered friends to him and my friend who recently got her lift and augmentation looks amazing. I would recommend Dr. Ip to anyone and everyone looking for a plastic surgeon.

– Katie S.
Anaheim, CA

It took several years for me to finally make the decision to have a complete face lift performed. Next step was to find the best doctor to perform the surgery. Upon a great deal of research and the recommendation of a family member that has had work done by Dr. Ip, I made the final decision and chose Dr. Ip to perform my surgery. I am very happy with the result. I look at myself now and see a younger version of “me.” In addition to being an artist, Dr. Ip has been wonderful in the aftercare of my surgery. He continues to monitor my progress with the same wonderful care that he demonstrated before, during, and after my surgery. Dr. Ip is a gifted surgeon. I would recommend anyone who might be thinking of plastic surgery to give his office a call and make an appointment for a consult. I sure am glad I did.

– Karen C.
Huntington Beach, CA

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Ip. He immediately makes you feel comfortable and at ease because he is such a warm and kind person. He is very patient and takes his time explaining everything and answering any questions or concerns you may have. He is very thorough with everything he explains which really impressed me. His office is clean and his staff is very professional and friendly. Dr. Ip did eyelid surgery on me and the results are even better than I expected. Even though I was a little nervous on surgery day, he quickly made me feel calm and confident in my decision, and the surgery was a very pleasant experience. Dr. Ip is truly professional and a very skillful surgeon, and I will be recommending him to all my friends and family in search of cosmetic procedures.

Thank you Dr. Ip!

– Jeanette G.
Mission Viejo, CA

I’ve been using this doctor since I was 19 and would never let anyone else do my work. He’s done work on my mom and countless other friends of mine. He’s conservative and has always exceeded my expectations. I’ve had at least five surgeries done by Dr. Ip and every time I’ve been extremely happy. He’s also super friendly and makes you feel at ease especially if you’re nervous. You have to be careful who you choose to get plastic work done by and I wouldn’t go anywhere else because I trust Dr. Ip!!!!

– Devin G.
Yorba Linda, CA

When I finally made the decision to get breast augmentation I spent a lot of time researching the procedure as well as different doctors. The information was overwhelming but it was not a decision I took lightly. In 2008 I was finally ready to start interviewing doctors. I went to a couple near my home but none gave me the warm and fuzzies.

A friend of mine had recommended Dr. Ip. She is a very picky and inquisitive person and I trusted her judgement. Although his office is an hour drive from my home I decided to go and see him. From the moment I met Dr. IP he was patient and professional. He took his time explaining the procedure, the different options and techniques. He patiently answered all of my questions and never made me feel rushed.

When I left his office I knew I had found my surgeon. I arrived early morning to the surgical center, which had top notch staff. Dr. IP came in to check on me and to draw all his lines. He is definitely an artist and cares about his work. He made me feel comfortable and confident. After the procedure Dr. IP followed up on me regularly. Two days later I had some worries on how my nipple looked as it appeared blood was not draining. We emailed Dr. IP a picture and he instructed us on what to do. After further discussions he offered to meet us in his office first thing on a Saturday morning.

For each follow up meeting I was treated with the same patience while Dr. IP answered all my questions.
It has been a few years since my procedure and I am constantly getting complements on my breasts because most people think they are natural and cannot believe I had augmentation.

I could not be happier with my results. If you are contemplating a procedure I highly recommend Dr. Ip.

– Rayanne M.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Β I just got my breast done last week. So it’s been about a week and half now. I’m 5’2 and was debating between 375cc-400cc (saline) but when I was about to go into surgery he said he would see how they look first and I ended up going 425cc and I couldn’t be any happier!! I love my results. He knew exactly what size would be perfect for my body and I trusted him.

I went to 6 different doctors and my friend recommended me to him. And I’m really glad she did. He is amazing at what he does. You would not be disappointed!!

Go pay him a visit and I’m sure you will walk out very happy πŸ™‚

– Julie D.
Westminster, CA

Β It’s been about a year since Dr. Ip performed my breast augmentation surgery and I can confidentially say I made the best decision going with him.

I went on a total of 7 consults, Dr. Ip being my 6th I believe, and I knew right away he’d be the one who would give me not only the best results, but the results I was looking for. All the doctors I went on consults with were all in the Newport/Irvine area, all with excellent reviews I found off yelp. During my consult with Dr. Ip he went into thorough detail of the procedure and my options (which were more options than any of the other Drs. gave me). After my procedure, I think I went in once a week for 6 weeks, then every month, then after three months. I felt very confident seeing him so often and being assured on a weekly basis everything was healing and settling good. Dr. Ip is always so very friendly and has a great bedside manner. I’ve always been in and out of his office for follow ups so fast, I’ve never had to wait, which is awesome. I am so pleased with my whole experience, and of course my end results were just as I had hoped and more! After I have children, I will be back to Dr. Ip for a touch up!! I sure hope he will have time for me in the future when he is only doing procedures for the rich & famous! This guy is the best!

β€” Candice B.
Newport Beach, CA

Dr. Ip recently did my breast augmentation and I am more than pleased with the results! I love them so much!

When making the decision to get plastic surgery, the most important advice anyone can give is to CHOOSE THE RIGHT SURGEON. I’ve researched many surgeons in the LA and OC area. After learning of Dr. Ip’s credentials and seeing his amazing work, I knew I needed to make a consultation with him. First of all, his office staff is extremely pleasant. It made for such a comfortable consultation.

The moment I met Dr. Ip, I got to experience what an amazing Surgeon he is. He has such a kind personality and is so knowledgeable and will answer any questions you have. Going in, I did so much research for month and thought I knew everything from types of implants, to styles, what I thought I wanted, etc. but Dr. Ip informed me so much more. Going in, I knew what look I wanted. I explained to him what the goal look I was trying to achieve was. He walked me through what implant and size would help me obtain the desired look. I freaked out at first because the size he told me sounded huge and was way bigger than what I thought I wanted. However, he explained to me so much about frames and bwd and what size I can work with to get the most natural look I wanted. He showed me pictures of people with my similar body type with similar sized desired implants.

I trusted Dr. Ip’s recommendation. At one point I even emailed him asking him for his opinion of a different sized implant a few nights before the surgery. He was so quick with a response back and gave me the piece of mind I needed.

Fast forward to my surgery, Dr. Ip prescribed me all the prescriptions I needed ahead of time. The surgery was easy and he made sure I was very comfortable. I woke up with no pain at all and had such an easy recovery. Most of my friends who went to other surgeons had tons of pain, but I was told Dr. Ip’s patients have very little post-op pain and I experienced that first hand. He taught me how to properly massage my new implants each week and my swelling was virtually gone after about two weeks. They also became so soft very quickly too (I got silicone). As for my scars, I had incisions under the crease and Dr. Ip gave me dissolvable stitches that are healing beautifully. πŸ™‚

I am about 3 weeks post-op and they already look and feel very natural.

I know this was quite a long review, but I honestly have too many wonderful things to say about my experience with Dr. Ip. I will recommend him to anyone looking for fantastic results. He may be a bit pricey, but it was more than worth it as you cannot put a dollar value on such amazing results.

Go pay him a visit, you won’t regret it :)j

β€” Monica S.
Long Beach, CA

Dr. Ip is an amazing, caring, and professional doctor inside and out. He did a phenomenal job with my BA and the post op care was excellent, he had me come in almost every other week to follow-up and made sure the healing process was going well. I am 5’2 and got 475cc silicone (full Ds) and my breasts dropped shortly after a month, it looks very natural and just exactly what I wanted, a full but natural look. I referred a few friends to him and they all fell in love with his professionalism and work. His price is also very fair for the amazing work he does, pay him a visit and you definitely won’t regret it! Keep in mind, I went to seven Newport doctors and finally decided on Dr. Ip. Thank you for all your hard work Dr.! πŸ™‚

β€”Myle D.
Westminster, CA

Dr. Steven Ip is an amazing surgeon ! He fixed the mess that a well know rodeo drive plastic surgeon did to my breast lift and implants only 6 months after the mess. I had a revision lift and implants , he removed the capsular constriction that had formed and fixed all the the cross mark and scars as well , Dr. ip takes his time and gives you all the information about his methods and what he will do for you. I have to say that he is an honest guy , he doesn’t up charge or up sell , My surgery went wonderful , he took his time , and with the insertion of the drains , something that the A$$ in BH didn’t bother to take his time , My recover was a breeze and I m so Happy with the results , he saved my sex life , he fixed my breast and nipples and I am forever grateful.

  1. He is a patience and honest doctor.
  2. Office and surgery center was wonderful.
  3. Takes his time during surgery .
  4. Good results with realistic prices and Nice surgery center and staff.
  5. Message me if you want my before and after pics.

I had:

  • Breast revision removal of scar tissue
  • liposuction 3 areas
  • Results are amazing.


  • I also get botox from him , its amazing and he takes he time.

β€” Daniel D.
Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Ip is incredibly professional and highly skilled. He performed a procedure on my friend and it turned out incredibly well…she recommended that I visit him.

I only felt safe with Dr. Ip after going on several consultations with other surgeons. He is caring but not fake…very focused on your well-being and natural looking results. I liked that he didn’t try to be my best friend, but tried to give me the best information and answer all my questions, even including hand drawings. It is very easy to tell the difference between him, who is excited about the potential of providing you with good results, vs. the others – who seem overly excited to get you in the door just to get your business. Dr. Ip never made me feel rushed during any of my visits or follow-ups.

He made very good suggestions about what to get done and how far to go with it and I would really recommend him to anybody that wants to get work done. He could have suggested more procedures or the more costly alternatives when it came to options, but instead he suggested the one that would lead to the best possible result and least likelihood of complication. Stellar doctor!!

β€” Savvy C.
Irvine, CA

My name is Patricia Vazquez and I had a breast augmentation, lift and nipple reduction in May 2011 by Dr. Ip. I was only 20 years old turning 21 in June. I was a young mother at 17 1/2 who’s confidence was down because of my breast. Not only were they not the size I wanted but being a young mother who breast fed they were very droopy and my nipples were enlarged. I went to many different doctors and couldn’t find one that just felt right.

That disappointment finally came to a stop when I met Dr. Ip. I was recommended to him by my brother girlfriend. When I called to make a appointment with him for a consultation, the girls at the front desk very helpful and kind on the phone. I actually spoke to one of them for about 15 minutes and I had already felt comfortable. At this point I asked my mother to come along with me for the hour drive to meet with him. My mother’s opinion was very important to me. She had not liked any of the other doctors we had gone and seen together. At this point I felt like I was never going to find that right doctor.

The day had come for my consultation. I checked into Dr. Ip’s office. I sat down and waited for Dr. Ip. Just a few moments later he was walking out with another patient who had gotten a facelift. I over heard her talking about how happy she was with her results and she was still recovering. That instant I had already felt more comfortable. Dr. Ip had called me into his office. Instantly I noticed he was different from all the other doctors I had met with. He took his time and explained everything to me and my mother. I thought I knew everything there was to know about breast augmentations and lifts. Apparently I was wrong he gave me so much information and details that people don’t write about. I was very impressed with the time he took cluing us in on everything. My mother was very impressed! She had not felt comfortable with me getting the surgery done at all until our consultation with Dr. Ip. For me I honestly felt he doesn’t do his job for the money, I feel like he does his job to make others happy.

The day had come for my surgery. I met with Dr. Ip one last time before I had went in. I felt so confident and overwhelmed with joy. Next thing I knew I was out of surgery and in recovery. He met with me the very next day before I went home. (I lived a hour away) he checked everything out and explained to me what I would be going through for the next week before he met with me again. I went home and started to recover over the weeks time I had questions and was unsure if what I was going threw had been normal. I called his office and asked to speak to him literally with in seconds I was on the phone with him. I explained my situation to him and he made me feel so much better knowing he was just one phone call away. At one point something had happened on one of my breasts and I was freaking out. It was a Sunday evening and I knew he wasn’t in the office. I needed to get a hold of him so I found his facebook and emailed him with no intentions of thinking he would see it in time to respond. Boy was I wrong! I couldn’t believe it he wrote me back!!!

I honestly can not explain how wonderful of a doctor he is. I got the exact results I wanted with a price I could afford. He is always one call or email away and if I ever needed to see him the same day he was always able to arrange something to fit me in. (Keep in mind I live a hour away) I’m very happy I was able to find that doctor that just felt right. I get complements all the time and I always recommended his services, because of him I have my confidence back. I love my breast and how natural they look he did a great job! If I ever get any kind of work done again I will go back to him no doubt! I must say Dr. Ip is THE BEST OF THE BEST! If you are looking for a doctor that is caring, easy to get in touch with, with the best results this is the doctor for you! Even though I basically wrote a book on him right now for a review I still have so much more to say. I’m willing to talk to anyone who is interested on having work done by him. You may contact me at I’m so confident you will fall in love with this doctor and his work I’m willing to show you my before and after. I must say he is a miracle worker I couldn’t have ever expected anything this GREAT!

β€” Patricia V.
Murrieta, CA

My Aunt had a face lift by a really well known plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills (I won’t mention names) but he did such a bad job, we thought for sure her face was ruined beyond repair! Then a friend of mine referred us to Dr. Ip, and even though my poor Aunt was traumatized by the surgeon in Beverly Hills, she was desperate at this point to fix her face.

The only words I can think of to describe Dr. Ip is “MIRACLE WORKER” He is amazing! He was by far the sweetest and most caring doctor I have ever met. As soon as we walked into his office his lovely staff made us feel welcome and at ease. He treated her so well and has excellent bedside manner. . My Aunt is confident and feels great now! Thank You Dr. Ip! So glad we found you!

β€” Debbie C.
Hermosa Beach, CA

I went to Dr. Ip in 2009. It will be the twins 3rd birthday pretty soon. πŸ™‚ And I felt over due for a review. I remember the first time I stepped into his office. I felt like a princess! It was so grand. Dr Ip is so wonderful and very handsome! My boyfriend and I did some research but of course this was all new to us and we didn’t know what to expect. Dr Ip was so professional and helpful and charismatic.

I knew I wanted a more natural look and given all the options I decided to go moderate plus silicone with an incision at the inframammary crease. Dr Ip was so helpful compared to all the other doctors that we got a consultation with. He thoroughly explains everything to you and makes sure that you are comfortable.

I cannot explain how much I love his work and how happy I am after my breast augmentation. After the first year the incisions were practically invisible. And my recovery was quick. Dr. Ip prescribed me natural vitamins like Arnica to help speed up my healing process and instructed me how to message them properly. I’m so happy with my decision to go with him. My breast are perfect. The perfect size and shape. A good doctor will take you measurements and advise you what size will best fit your frame. BTW I receive complements from women all the time!

If anyone has any questions feel free to PM me.

Picking the right doctor for these types of procedures are not easy. I’m sure everyones situation is different but I am confident in Dr Ip’s work and would recommend him 100 times.

I also used this site a lot. I found a lot of comfort and information here πŸ™‚

β€” Lakhena L.
Greater Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Ip is patient and incredibly skilled. I went to a variety of surgeons in Newport Beach and decided on Dr. Ip because he was not only straight forward but I could tell his sample of work for breast augmentation all looked natural and really complimented each women. A year later I couldn’t be more happy with my results. I also tried Dr. Ip for Juvaderm to fill in my lips, I was concerned I was going to come out looking terrible but again just like the rest of his work they came out natural and couldn’t be more pleased. I highly recommend!

β€” Krista R.
Huntington Beach, CA

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Dr. Ip never left my side throughout the whole procedure. This surgeon is not only an outstanding doctor but his bedside manner is hand’s down! The greatest I have ever experienced in any field of medicine. After my surgery Dr. Ip called my husband to let him know that my surgery went well and that I’m okay. The next day – he came to see me and making sure I’m comfortable (which is I was feeling fantastic). My stomach looks phenomenal and my self esteem has sky rocketed. I love going shopping even more and I am in love with my curvy waistline – never thought this can never happen again….Dr. Ip gave me a second chance at looking great. I would highly recommend him for his tremendous work and staff for any cosmetic procedure. Thank you very much!

β€” Betty Cruz

I live over 150 miles from Dr. Ip’s location. I have had multiple procedures performed by him. A trusted friend referred him to me originally. Even though we live so far away, he now has over 10 people (that I know of) from my city (which has MANY reputable, and respected Cosmetic Surgeons) that have travelled for at least one, if not multiple procedures. He consistently gives outstanding, compassionate, and professional care. He follows through post op with sincere concern and care. He is very approachable, and generous with his time, even though he has a busy practice. Dr. Ip is a genuine, kind, and incredibly gifted surgeon!!

β€” Debra Rohatsch

When you choose a Plastic Surgeon, you are choosing someone who you are going to have a very unique relationship with. In my case, I was discussing some of my insecurities on things I wanted changed. I went to 8 different consultations within the Newport Beach area with other doctors prior to meeting Dr. Ip. The first thing that impressed me was that Dr. Ip did not make you wait for your appointment. This made a big impression, as I often had to wait up to an hour for other consultations. It immediately made me feel like I was a priority and that his office was well managed and professional. His office personnel are also very professional, organized and friendly.

When I met Dr. Ip, I instantly felt comfortable and he put me at ease. I had lost weight and I wanted to start the process of removing any hanging skin. We had a discussion about starting with a full facelift and remove hanging skin from my arms. Dr. Ip went over every detail of the surgery with me to ensure I understood exactly what he would be doing during the surgery. He went over the cost of the surgery with complete transparency, which was competitive with the other doctors’ fees. I was able to pay part of it in cash, and conveniently finance the rest through Care Credit, which is available through his office.

During the pre-op, he wrote out the prescriptions and the follow-up plan so I would be well-prepared in advance when I went home from surgery. It meant a lot that he was available to assuage any of my concerns and questions, including the logistics and after-surgery care I would need, so that I could focus on my recover

I had a full facelift in September of 2011. The night before the surgery, I had the typical fears that everyone has: β€œWill I wake up from surgery? What will I look like?” and etc. The surgery lasted 9 hours; I spent one night in the surgery center, and then went home early the next day. Dr. Ip said I would be more likely feel “uncomfortable”, than in a lot of pain, and he was right. I did not feel much pain, but I had to sleep propped up with several of pillows for a few weeks. I conveniently took only one week off from work. During my recovery, I sent Dr. Ip an e-mail one night to ask a question and expected that he would not respond until the next day (if even that), and he sent me back an e-mail that same evening! WOW!

I loved my results! It was everything he said it would be, and more. I still looked like myself, but refreshed, and the excess skin underneath my chin was gone! I was SO pleased. My peers were amazed at the results, as well, and could not believe how natural and young I looked. I had such an amazing experience with my facelift, that I had a tummy tuck/breast augmentation performed by Dr. Ip in September 2012. I loved the results, but a few days later, I was having a little trouble with my drain. So, I called him directly, and he met me at his office on a Saturday night to look at them and make sure everything was okay!

Dr. Ip sets himself apart with his follow up after the surgeries. Initially, you go in and see him every week, then every 2 weeks, then once a month, then again in 6 months to make sure that everything is healing correctly. He established a warm, personalized relationship with me before, during and after the procedure. Dr. Ip has a strong responsibility towards the well-being of his patients, in addition to his surgical abilities, and works closely with you to ensure your satisfaction. He makes himself available to his patients, and welcomes your questions with honesty and compassion.

If you looking for a Surgeon who is caring, considerate, and very knowledgeable, then I would strongly recommend that you contact Dr. Ip. His numerous accreditations speak for themselves, but his relationships with his patients are what make him an excellent Doctor.

β€” Janet Peterson

Dr. Ip is such a great doctor. I had some enhancement surgery done and I also referred my mom who had a full body restoration. The results were phenomenal! He performs surgery where it looks like you were born with what he has enhanced or fixed. A lot of surgery these days result in a “fake” look or so unnatural that people know you’ve had work done but with Dr. Ip’s work, people can’t tell you ‘ve had anything done. He has the old fashioned bed side manner where he treats every patient as a friend and he truly cares. He also makes himself accessible to any questions you may have before and after and gives you a peace of mind. He definitely is one of the best surgeon’s in Southern California.

β€” Koko Masako

Dr. Ip is an exceptional plastic surgeon. He has done several surgeries on me and I could not be happier. He is an artist and his eye for detail is unmatched. I have referred family members and several friends and they adore dr. Ip and his work. His staff is outstanding. It is like family and I would never feel comfortable to have anyone else work on me.

β€” Melissa Locke

Dr. T.Y. Steven Ip and his staff were amazing! I had a tummy tuck done and feel 100% satisfied. His staff made me feel welcomed. All the staff there, both the surgical and administrative staff are some of the nicest people I have come across. This Doctor never lied or made me feel uncomfortable about the money or the procedures.

β€” Jennifer Moore

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