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Breast Augmentation

Some women feel dissatisfied with their naturally small breasts and desire a bigger bust. Other women feel that their breasts are an unflattering source of anxiety and embarrassment due to the effects of weight loss or genetics. Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammaplasty, uses breast implants to increase the size and enhance the shape of a woman’s breasts for a fuller and more aesthetically pleasing appearance.


Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Options

Implant Type


  • Soft silicone shell filled with saline solution
  • Filled during surgery so volume can be adjusted
  • The implant is inserted through a small incision
  • Feels slightly firmer than silicone implants
  • Implant rippling is more likely to occur than with silicone implants


  • Soft silicone shell filled with silicone gel
  • Feels more natural than saline implants
  • Less likely to rupture than saline implants
  • If rupture occurs, it is more difficult to detect
  • An MRI is recommended every three years

Gummy Bear:

  • Filled with highly cohesive silicone gel
  • Maintains shape even if the implant ruptures
  • Provides natural firmness and shapeliness
  • FDA approved for women over the age of 22

Implant Placement

Subglandular: Implants are placed above the pectoral muscle and under the glandular tissue. This technique is ideal for patients with sufficient existing breast tissue. This placement does not cause implant movement during muscle contractions; however, it may result in a more noticeably augmented appearance.

Submuscular: Implants are placed under the pectoral muscle. This technique is best used on patients who have a small amount of natural breast tissue. The muscle helps conceal the edges of the implant in the upper pole of the breast for a more natural breast slope.

Dual Plane: Implants are placed below the glandular tissue and partially below the pectoral muscles. This technique creates a more natural slope of the upper pole and can help hide the edges of the implants.

Incision Options


  • Located within the armpit
  • Implants are placed underneath the muscles
  • Does not leave visible scarring on the breasts


  • Located around the areola
  • Can accommodate both saline and most silicone implants
  • Leaves mild scarring that may be visible but discreet


  • Located along the inframammary fold (the crease underneath the breast)
  • Allows for precise implant pocket creation
  • May leave some visible scarring


  • Located within the navel
  • Implants are placed using an endoscope
  • The least recommended technique because of the distance between the navel and final implant position


Swelling and bruising are likely to be present and can linger for several weeks. Wearing compression garments and following post-operative instructions can help minimize discomfort and accelerate recovery time. You may return to work two weeks following your procedure and resume exercise after six weeks. Dr. Ip will prescribe pain medications to help minimize pain and discomfort during your recovery.


You will see an immediate increase in breast size after the procedure. However, the implants will initially rest high on your chest, and it will take a few months for the tissues to soften, the muscles to relax, and the implants to settle into a natural position. The results of breast augmentation are long lasting.


The visibility of your scars will vary depending on which incision technique is used during your procedure.


The cost of your breast augmentation surgery will be determined based on various factors. Dr. Ip guarantees that his pricing will always be competitive with that of other local providers who furnish equivalent services.

What Dr. Ip's Patients are Saying

“Dr. Ip recently did my breast augmentation and I am more than pleased with the results! I love them so much!”

Monica S. | Long Beach, CA

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Breast Augmentation Faq

  • Is there an age requirement for breast implants?

    Women over the age of 18 may undergo breast augmentation using saline implants. However, you must be 22 years or older to utilize silicone implants for your breast augmentation procedure.

  • Will I be able to breastfeed following my breast augmentation?

    Your ability to breastfeed may be affected by how and where the implants are placed. It may be difficult to predict how implants will impact your ability to breastfeed. Discuss your concerns with Dr. Ip during your consultation.

  • Which implant placement is the best choice?

    The ideal implant placement for you will vary based on your anatomic realities and your goals. Implant placement below the muscle is usually recommended with saline implants to reduce the chance of implant rippling showing through the skin. This placement is also recommended for women who do not have a lot of natural breast tissue. However, placement below the muscle is a more involved procedure and can lengthen recovery time.

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