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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation uses implants to surgically improve the shape and size of the breasts. Many women have genetically small breasts, volume loss related to pregnancy or weight loss, or other concerns about their breast size and shape. Breast implants of various styles and sizes can be combined with different surgical techniques to achieve your desired results. Dr. Ip will help you select the implants and surgical techniques that will give you the shapely, beautiful breasts you want.

Is Breast Augmentation Right for You?

Breast augmentation can help women with naturally smaller breasts achieve greater breast projection and cleavage. Women who have lost breast volume due to aging, pregnancy, nursing, or weight loss can regain breast firmness with the volume increase provided by implants. Additionally, breast augmentation can help women whose breasts lack attractive and shapely definition or whose breasts are asymmetrical. This procedure can create a natural, youthful breast appearance and help women have greater self-esteem and confidence.

Implant Options

Implant Types


  • The implant is filled with saltwater solution after insertion into the breasts
  • FDA approved for women ages 18 and older
  • Implant rupture is easily identifiable
  • More likely to develop visible rippling or wrinkles


  • The implant is filled with cohesive silicone gel that simulates the appearance and feel of natural breasts
  • FDA approved for women ages 22 and older
  • Implant rupture may require MRI detection
  • Less likely to develop visible rippling or wrinkles

Gummy Bear

  • The implant is anatomically shaped and filled with a highly cohesive silicone gel for the most natural firmness and shapeliness
  • FDA approved for women ages 22 and older
  • Less likely to be weakened over time
  • Implant integrity holds even with rupture

Surgical Options

Implant Placement

Above the Muscle

The implant is placed under the glandular tissue but above the pectoral muscle, creating upper pole fullness with a minor lift.

Below the Muscle

The implant is placed beneath the pectoral muscle, creating a gentle, natural breast angle.

Dual Plane

The implant is placed partially under and partially over the pectoral muscle.

Incision Type


The incision is hidden in the armpit, leaving no scarring on the breasts (reserved for saline implants).


The incision encircles the areola, and mild scarring may be visible.


The incision runs along the breast crease and may leave visible scarring.


The implant is inserted endoscopically through the belly button, leaving no visible scarring (reserved for saline implants).


After surgery, patients will experience bruising and swelling in the breasts. A compression garment will be provided to minimize swelling and enhance the results. Antibiotics and pain medications will be prescribed to prevent infection and pain during recovery. A healthy diet, beginning with soft foods immediately after surgery and progressing to normal foods, should be observed to maximize healthy healing. While most patients can return to work two weeks after surgery, exercise should be postponed for four to six weeks. Smoking should be avoided for at least six weeks after the procedure. Patients should carefully follow all postoperative instructions to ensure the safest recovery and greatest results.


After your procedure, your breasts will immediately look and feel bigger. This effect will be enhanced by temporary swelling due to the operation, and your final breast size will become more visible as the swelling subsides. The implants may initially rest high on your chest but will descend gradually over the next few weeks and months to rest in their ultimate, natural position. The results of your procedure may be subtle or dramatic according to your preferences and will enhance your appearance and confidence for many years.

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