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Stubborn fat deposits can prevent a person from having that lean figure they have always wanted. While diet and exercise can help, these efforts may not be enough for some patients. Those who wish to remove unwanted fat from their body can turn to liposuction. Dr. Ip can perform liposuction to help his patients achieve a more toned and lean figure.


Achieved With Liposuction

Liposuction Options


Tumescent Liposuction:

  • Uses a tumescent fluid that consists of an anesthetic and a saltwater solution injected into the target area
  • The fluid loosens fat cells to allow for easier fat removal
  • A cannula is used to extract the fatty tissue and tumescent fluid
  • Can help reduce bleeding and allows for gentler fat removal

Power-Assisted Liposuction:

  • A powerful oscillating cannula breaks up and removes fatty tissue
  • Best for treating smaller areas of the body with precision
  • Minimizes swelling and discomfort during recovery

Ultrasonic Liposuction:

  • Uses ultrasound energy delivered into the fatty tissue
  • The energy emulsifies the fat and breaks it down for easy removal
  • A cannula is used to extract the fatty tissue
  • Ideal for treating large areas of the body like the abdomen and thighs

Laser-Assisted Liposuction:

  • Uses laser energy to target stored fat cells
    Heat from the laser liquefies the fat for easy removal
  • A cannula is used to remove all fluid and fatty tissue
  • Best for treating large, fibrous areas

Upper Body


  • Fat along the arms can occur from the armpits all the way down to the elbows
  • Liposuction can eliminate “bat wings” on the arms
  • Discreet incisions are made on the back of the arm


  • Liposuction can reduce overly large female breasts to relieve chronic back and neck pain
  • Liposuction can also remove excess fatty tissue from the chest for men who want a more masculine chest appearance
  • Incisions are placed in the armpits or along the outer area of the breasts


  • Liposuction can achieve a more slender and graceful neck
  • Correct the appearance of an unflattering “double chin”
  • Beneficial for aging patients or those experiencing weight fluctuations

Upper Back:

  • Can provide definition and smooth the contours of the back
  • Beneficial for women with excess fat along their bra band
  • Creates a back that appears more athletic and toned

Lower Body


  • The most commonly treated area
  • Excess abdominal fat can cause a flabby, unflattering appearance
  • Liposuction can provide improved abdominal definition and a flatter belly
  • Incisions are made along the bikini line and can be hidden under clothing


  • Fat along the hips and sides can cause a muffin top and wide midsection
  • Liposuction of the flanks can slim and enhance the contours of a patient’s body
  • Can slim and smooth the waist to provide more clothing options


  • Stubborn fat along the thighs can lead to discomfort and chafing
  • Liposuction can provide slimmer thighs with a more toned appearance
  • Can create a defined thigh gap for a leaner, slender look


  • Flabby and uneven buttocks can be improved through liposuction
  • Liposuction can enhance the definition of the buttocks
  • Incisions are discreetly placed along the natural creases of the buttocks


Following your liposuction procedure, you will experience some minor bruising and swelling. You will be asked to wear a compression garment to help protect your new contours and minimize swelling. Make sure to carefully follow all of your surgeon’s directions to ensure the best recovery and results possible.

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Maintaining a healthy diet is beneficial during your recovery. Make sure to eat the nutrients your body needs for proper healing. Your diet should mainly consist of healthy fats, proteins, fruits, and vegetables. Eating soft foods initially following your procedure is best due to the side effects that can come with general anesthesia. Before your surgery, you will be given a list of healthy, nutrient-dense foods.

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You will be required to limit all physical activities and rest for several days following your procedure. You can return to work after one week and may resume your normal exercise routine four weeks after your surgery. Do not smoke for at least six weeks before and after your procedure.

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Dr. Ip will prescribe medication for you to take during your recovery period. KEFLEX® and CIPRO® (ciprofloxacin) are antibiotics for preventing infection. Flexeril™ and Valium® are muscle relaxers for reducing discomfort. Pain medication can relieve any discomfort you experience during your recovery.

What Dr. Ip's Patients are Saying

I live over 150 miles from Dr. Ip’s location. I have had multiple procedures performed by him. A trusted friend referred him to me originally. Even though we live so far away, he now has over 10 people (that I know of) from my city (which has MANY reputable, and respected Cosmetic Surgeons) that have travelled for at least one, if not multiple procedures. He consistently gives outstanding, compassionate, and professional care. He follows through post op with sincere concern and care. He is very approachable, and generous with his time, even though he has a busy practice. Dr. Ip is a genuine, kind, and incredibly gifted surgeon!!

Debra R.

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Liposuction Faq

  • What will my liposuction results be like?

    You will achieve long-lasting results with liposuction as long as you maintain a stable body weight. However, if you do accumulate new fat, it will be more evenly spread throughout the body.

  • Can I combine liposuction with other body contouring procedures?

    If you are considering liposuction and struggle with skin laxity, you should consider combining liposuction with other body contouring procedures. Procedures like tummy tuck surgery, thigh lift surgery, and arm lift surgery are designed to treat excess skin. When combined with liposuction, you can attain firmer, slimmer body contours.

  • How long does it take to perform liposuction?

    The time it will take to perform your liposuction will be based on the amount of correction needed and the number of treatment areas.

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