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Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Posted July 31, 2018 in Breast Reduction Surgery

The idea that any woman could dislike her larger breasts may seem unfathomable for women who have naturally small chests. Breasts have always been regarded as a symbol of femininity and sensuality, and many women wish that they had been gifted with larger ones. However, while this desire may be widespread, there is also a group of women who would argue that the “grass isn’t always greener on the other side” when it comes to breast size. Large breasts come with a variety of complications, and for women suffering from these complications, breast reduction surgery can significantly ease their comfort and enhance their quality of life.

Chest of a young woman

Pain Relief

One of the reasons women desire breast reduction is to increase comfort. The added weight of massive breasts puts a great deal of strain on the back, neck, shoulders, and chest. Women who suffer from cumbersome breasts are forced to deal with this pain on an everyday basis, whether they are exercising, running errands, or simply sitting still. While this can sometimes be a persistent dull pain, it can also worsen, feeling like knives in the breasts. This excess weight can cause an uncomfortable and unsightly indentation on the shoulder from the bra strap.

Activity Participation

Unfortunately, those women who developed naturally heavy breasts are often forced to refrain from participating in activities and sports they may love since it’s so difficult to ensure that the breasts are adequately secured. Playing sports, running, weightlifting, and yoga all put a strain on the chest, and this strain can make the discomfort of these activities unbearable. This lack of participation is not only emotionally disheartening, but it also minimizes the chance to reap the health benefits from such activities.

Wide Clothing Options

The size of your natural breasts doesn’t always match your body frame. A tall woman with broad shoulders may have naturally small breasts, whereas a woman with a petite frame may find herself with breasts that overwhelm her small figure. Every shape of woman is different, which can make finding properly fitting clothing a difficult task. Many clothing options are designed for a perfectly balanced woman; however, falling into that balance isn’t as easy as it sounds. Women with large breasts discover that finding a dress that fits around the breasts is too large for the rest of their body, or an outfit that fits everywhere else may be overly revealing on the top. Women who undergo breast reduction surgery find that their choice of clothing expands exponentially after the procedure.

Minimized Chance for Future Surgery

Although all women will experience some amount of breast laxity as they age, women who have large breasts may find that they desire a breast lift sooner than a woman with smaller breasts. This is due to the added weight of the breasts—the more weight there is, the higher chance for gravity to take its toll.


While breast reduction surgery can ease discomfort, increase clothing varieties, and allow women to participate in more activities, the most significant change that comes with a breast reduction is the increased confidence that women have. Breast reduction surgery can allow women to truly love their entire bodies without feeling like they need to hide any part of themselves.

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